Thursday, March 10, 2011

WI Bill Passes -- Waiting for Baby in Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg, CA

What’s happening in Wisconsin—once a union friendly state known for excellent public schools—will set a precedent for union busting politics across the country. The bill, which went through the senate last night at 1 am and in the republican run house today, strips public workers of their bargaining rights. Today I watched the Wisconsin House debate the bill before it was passed 53 –42 as protestors chanted “shame, shame, shame”. Impassioned Democratic Representatives referenced MLK, pointing out that he was killed fighting for worker’s rights. While Republicans made the claim that they were following through on campaign promises to make government smaller and balance the state budget in order to not leave their children with the deficit. Wisconsin has amazed me. We’ve watched the people of this state come together in one of the biggest state protests Wisconsin has ever seen; we’ve watched true democracy stand up against big business money and corruption and we’ve watched representatives ignore the wishes of the people they’re beholden to. What will happen next? We can only hope that solidarity will rally and the people will continue to fight for social and economic justice; we can hope that rather than becoming a harbinger of union busting across America, this bill will help to educate Americans on just how important unions are. We need to be aware that the move in Wisconsin is clearly a union-busting move meant to weaken Democrats (because D’s support unions as a general rule, union members, a highly organized workforce both vote democrat and work to support democrats in campaigns).

G and I spent the day lounging. I eventually did vacuum. Then, showered and dressed, we went to the hospital to check out the birthing center. It’s a small hospital and the birthing center was empty. After our little field trip we headed to the coffee shop for cake and decaf. We sat long, since it seems G’s low energy is a bit contagious or I’m still jet lagged. However, we managed to make it out to the bluffs just before sunset where we walked along the steep edge of the Pacific with her luscious waves caving and crashing and rolling white froth. Just as the sun set we returned to the apartment where G is resting and I’m trying to get a bit of writing done. Tonight Mama Sally—along with Sarah and her brood—will arrive.

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