Friday, March 28, 2014

Full with Rapture

by Joerg Colberg

What writer hasn’t realized that she returns to the past with a force greater than anything the present can provide? Having lived her life so fully through the body of the child, of youth, the writer spends the rest of her days attempting to recapture the pleasure of memory, the power and physicality of our childhood memory—a place freed of the language of time and full with rapture. This overpowering sense of the world becomes the chimera and the muse through which we live more fully. We turn from our words, fulfilled, and again take up the world with joy, with glee, a white sail cutting across the sea of time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stuck in Seattle

Highlights from AWP

Shore these fragments against my boon....

Danez Smith, Patricia Smith, Natalie Diaz, and Wang Ping

My oh my! Please, do yourself a favor and watch these poets read. They are amazing, breathtaking, beautiful, sorrowful, silly, fun, joyous, raucous, edgy, wild, willful, brilliant, and harrowing.