Monday, September 12, 2016

Wedding Poem & Morning Muse

Here's the poem I read at Bess & Adam's Wedding: September 10, 2016 Camp DuNord Ely, MN

Let the World Come

Gather devotion,
Gather radiance, light of light,
Gather the leaves in the wind,
Gather the children
Let them into your lap, into your being—
You came to change and be changed
You came to grow your hands open
And you will walk among the gods of this earth 
Until your fingers break and you learn
Your hands were never made to grasp in fist,
To mark what is and is not yours—
They are glowing stars, point them at the sky
Bend your knees and let the world come
Let it take you


Morning. We slept late and I hurried to get the boys to daycare and preschool. It's already 11 and I have been bumbling around my email and apartment trying to get all the work done that needs doing for tomorrow's class and Wednesday's class and weekend manuscript review. 

From my desk at the window I hear the geese fly over twice and the honking call makes me think of this past weekend, and my dear sister Bess getting married to her beloved Adam. The two have know each other for 10 years and have loved each other for many and have two sweet children. All together with my family in the north woods of Minnesota I was enamored with the woods and lake and love, good food and spirits and bonfires and music. Still so tired from the whirlwind trip Josh and the boys and I made to be there. But it was worth it. I adore these lovelies so much. Many blessings to them as they venture on together in life and love.