Monday, August 7, 2017

To The Newlyweds

Once she left you pearls
dropped like apples from a tree
and he offered gold as soft as leaves.

There will be days
when you wonder, soul stretched,
words urgent
shared in haste
questions dust to dreams,
but those are good days too.

Let all the days be good days,
make a study of your beloved,
a sand castle for his sorrows,  
light given in darkness takes
your whole being
it is not easy
this work of love—

In the morning, the sun
comes through the kitchen window,
cuts across the floor, warm as bread.
He stands with hands
cupped around steamy coffee
she washes a dish, sets it to dry,
before turning,

--I see her shake the water from her hands
and his soft smile--

it will be the sun on her shoulders
you covet or his hands on the cup
as it reaches his lips and shakes sleep free,
you think of all day.

So too this vow of love,
as ordinary as rain
as sacred as morning,
let it be the road home
let it carry you.

August 5, 2017

 -for Sigrid & Aaron on their wedding 



troutbirder said...

Beautiful poems . Thank you...:)

Emily Arnason Casey said...

Thanks for reading!