Monday, March 18, 2013

An Open If

If in the city by the sea you fell in love.
If violence did not happen on accident.
If the boy’s hand was cut free with a sword.
If two degrees is a destination.
If the news didn’t kill your desire to act.
If the color of the sky at dusk made you happy.
If the baby’s smile got free and chased the goat.
If war was not a form of pleasure.
If your gun was ready in your hand.
If we did not want for change.
If the body were a destination.
If you didn’t just because you could.
If the sun.
If memory is walking through the house in an old dress of your mother’s.
If your father understood why you read so many books.
If you only chopped wood.
If you were not made of water.
If you were only water, waves, and the sea.
If the hands of boys were made sacred.
If you accepted.
If you were willing.

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