Friday, September 14, 2012

At Home With King Baby

Anything that will keep him busy for even two minutes is worth the world today. Though, when I snuggle him against my neck and smell his baby smell, and when I make a buzz buzz noise in his ear that tickles him and he laughs, I am again happy again in my role as personal entertainer, nurse-maid mother to King Baby.

Things in the room: Kermit puppet that Josh has had for countless years and uses to entertain children; red quilt made by my auntie for our wedding; meditating mama doll made by Wylie Sophia Garcia for Mama; blue Mickey Western chair; Taggie made by Hillary in Hilo; blue quilt made by my other auntie for our wedding; Steven King novel; Roger Bear; Mr. Moses Cavallo and his pet monkey.


woodbird said...

"personal entertainer/nurse maid:" how perfectly stated. drives you crazy, no? xox

Emily Arnason Casey said...

Yes! How is little cricket?