Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Estimations: Between Now and the End of Summer

Household of 7 plus 1 baby

0: The number of dollars I’ll earn this summer

7: The collective average number of hours spent online per day

2: The average number of hours I’ll spend writing per day

3: The number of shots Moses will get this summer

15: The number of times I’ll question the risks of immunizing him but ultimately decide it’s the best choice

9: The number of household magazine subscriptions

12: The collective average number of cups of tea or coffee consumed per day

37: The number of saunas I’ll take at dusk

10: The number of times I’ll float on my back in the lake after sweating in the sauna, and look at the stars coming out and remember a line from a book by Terry Tempest Williams: City lights are a conspiracy against higher thought

34: The average number of hours Josh will spend working at Do It Best Hardware per week, located in the basement of the family drugstore

5: The number of Casey generations that have run the family drugstore in Chisholm, MN, Casey Drug

45: The number of times I’ll wash other peoples dishes as long as the dish washer remains broken

60: The number of hours planned to spend preparing for teaching a class at CCV

62: The collective average number of miles run per week

77: The average daily temperature in degrees Fahrenheit  

150: The number of times Moses will wake-up at night and want to nurse or be comforted

250: The number of bug bites I’ll get

300: The number of photographs we’ll take of Moses

350: The number in dollars spent in a week on food for 7 plus people

500: The number of times Moses will roll from his back to belly and decide he doesn’t like being on his belly but is unable to roll back

1000: The number of times I’ll think about how fast my son is growing up


woodbird said...

Love this, Emily.

Lauren Baldwin said...

Yes, lovely and infectious. Immediately began thinking, how many nights before the end of summer my children will sleep at my house, how many days my son and I will spend in New York City, how many hearings I will have, how many court orders I will sign, how much child support will not be paid despite my court orders, how many hours I will write for a legal internet company and not do my own writing, how many times I will lie in bed listening to the raccoons and cicadas in the yard, and how many times I will think of someone I lost.

Emily Arnason Casey said...

Oh, Dear Lauren, I miss you! I read something at Hunger Mt's blog--Lists--and caught list fever! Send me your list and I will post it here for you! ...Thanks, Woodbird!