Monday, February 6, 2012


Late Summer Lambs at Shelburne Farms
Still waiting.... it's 40 degrees in Vermont today. The sun is out, it feels like spring. Josh and I went for a long walk at Shelburne Farms yesterday trying to start labor. I was hoping to see the sheep in the field but remembered that they're in the barn for the season and I think lambing season will soon begin. I didn't think I'd get this irritable at the end, but I'm so anxious and worried and want to sleep until it's time for him to be born. He will most likely be born via C-Section, which we could schedule but are trying not to as we think it better for him to send the signal that he's ready. It's also good for me to at least begin labor so my body's more ready.  But if he's not here by Friday, we'll schedule something for next week. This is what I think will happen because then all of my plans will have been foiled. And, reading about the year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, knowing about the ways of the Aquarius, I think this child is going to be as stubborn and independent as they come, not that me or his father are any different...but, we shall see and very soon.

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