Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thirty Days of Rumi

Because Rumi has a way of healing us, because Grace first gave me Rumi, because Sarah wrote about Rumi's Love Dogs and made me remember, because for the second time I have lost a pregnancy and don't understand how to make sense of it, because today I looked down at my hand and saw my thumb with its inverted joint and realized I have my mother's hands and that her hands were holding the book that I read, and for a strange moment I knew she was sitting beside me with cheap dime-store cheaters slipping down her nose, reading with me, a story about alcoholism, and because at the end of these coming thirty days waits a baby, Georgia's baby Claribel, for whose birth I will travel on the 8th of March (my sister Sigrid's birthday) to northern California.

Because I want to make the "road home home" and remember that we don't finally meet somewhere but are in each other all along.

Because of all these things....I give you: Thirty Days of Rumi from The Book of Love.

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