Monday, July 16, 2007

Shaman Rock beside Lake Baikal

Bone and Sea:

something sunken
under sea, heavier yet
broken, the skin torn
bone laundry scattered
over the beach, golden yellow hued
blue sea of Baikal, misty Siberia
a wind like train through a tunnel
missing you, missing you here
as I stretch my winter worn
legs to climb the Shaman Rock
and watch the strips of cloth tied
in branches of trees, whip and echo
Buddhist prayer.

wishing for you, wishing
love’s heavy head, born out of distance,
waiting to cross the beach, collect stones
in my pockets, smooth as milk,
the wind shrill, empties me,
my cheeks burn as I turn back,
thinking of you
of your bones drifting through
seas, of your skin and teeth,
beautiful body
that some day too will end.

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